Agnostictheology.org is a site and forum dedicated to the discussion of doubt and theology. Registration is open and free to both scholars and laypeople from various backgrounds, while the topic is properties and consequences of belief, more so than on their literal interpretation or their content. The strength of our attachment to beliefs unfortunately entails the equivalent force necessary to preserve or otherwise “enforce” them.
In traditions such as variants of Platonism, Buddhism of Lao Tze, and diverse forms of mysticism, this side effect of belief is recognized as a first theological trap. The highest scientific and religious institutions are not immune to this problem while a hobby gardener may aspire to ground their practice, science, and art with a modest attitude of recognized ignorance and minimization of harm, thereby not requiring application of force or strong belief to manage and learn from their craft.


One goal is to avoid the trap of beliefs too strongly held/interpreted, while exploring consequences of doubt, which does not imply e.g. atheism (as this presupposes an exhaustive and definitive existential refutation of all possible gods) but something weaker: the negation of justifiability or negation of some ultimate standard/proof concerning belief. While this might seem like splitting hairs, the latter precision shows literal atheism, to be as extreme a theological concept as a strong existential claim or proof for that very same god; be that god Abrahamic or of any other form.
This is a forum for the eternal skeptic interested in fundamental questions and science (identity, reality, truth, belief, body and mind, freedom, theology etc.), without the usual ideological strictures, as strong defending/promotion of some ideology/theology/science is perceived as circular, given the precision offered by the more nuanced, distanced, negative stance towards belief, we sketch out in this introduction. Another focus is how this flexible kind of attitude and liberality finds practical expression in our world, from academic papers, to news links, contributions of our members, all the way to fiction and art, marked and posted in appropriate sections.

Agnostic Theology being a contradiction emphasizes this forum’s resolve to not fall into the trap it states in its introduction and to remember to smile perhaps while exploring fundamental questions. This rule is mandatory, but will not be enforced in any way whatsoever as such would conflict with weakly held laziness theologies, quite central to negative theologies on topic here.